Signed Collaboration between Obokese University of Excellence and CCTU on Agricultural Science Projects & Research

The Obokese University of Excellence (OUE), African Centered Enterprises Ltd. (ACE), and Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to engage in Agricultural Science projects and research. This MOU is signed in celebration and will take place on 30 acres of land on OUE’s campus.

Prof. Joshua Danso Owusu Sekyere, Vice Chancellor of CCTU; Nana Obokese Ampah I, founder of OUE and ACE; and Nana Kra Kwamina II, Provost of OUE were the key figures in this collaboration.

The MOU will allow OUE to develop Agricultural Science related projects, activities, and programs as part of OUE’s larger STEAM initiative. In addition, both OUE and CCTU will be able to: 

  • attract students with a special interest in agricultural sciences,
  • develop international exchange programs for OUE and CCTU,
  • help and guide OUE’s accreditation efforts, and 
  • support branding, strengthening and expanding teaching resources for OUE and CCTU.

The collaboration will last 10 years and will be used to help with African-centered initiatives. Both OUE and ACE are dedicated to the development, implementation, and expansion of African-Centered initiatives. These initiatives will showcase Pan-African foundations that manifest the critical Akan principles of ‘aso-dzi’ and ‘ubuntu’ that possess the potential to transform the consciousness of participants in all areas of endeavor.

The MOU will also encourage the introduction of partner organizations and individuals to help build a blueprint for smart cities in Ghana.

Talented individuals and companies composed of talented individuals are encouraged to participate and contact OUE.

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