Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics (STEAM) Certificate

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Edith Davis (Ed.D.), Florentia Spires (Ph.D.)

Technology is greatly impacting the world and technology leaders are needed to proactively harness this knowledge for the African continent.

This certificate will prepare a generation of African leaders to deepen their understanding of technology in the following areas:

  • Computer Coding for Software and Hardware Creation,
  • The Practical Science of Agriculture,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralized Applications, and much more

The certificate offering will initially be taught for free in from OUE’s online digital platform. In the near future, The STEAM programming will expand offerings to include 2 and 4-year degree offerings.

Course Structure and Modules

The STEAM Certificate is offered by distance learning. The distance learning offering allows you to study with flexibility as you chart your work and personal life balance.

Career Opportunities

The STEAM Certificate will adequately prepare you for a career of in technologically driven leadership in Africa. You will acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to analyze, construct and innovate entrepreneurial pursuits. You will have the expertise to evaluate existing STEAM structures in ways that create optimal advancement conditions for creating and upgrading multiple industries. You will be equipped to create your own startup and explore with various internships, fellowships, and consultancy opportunities. The STEAM focused coursework will position you to “make a difference” with authenticity in your nation and on our global continent.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to pass the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in order to receive certification in this course. In addition, WASSCE passage will be required to partake in our future two and four year degree offerings.

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The Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics Certificate is the beginning of a new academic offering that will redefine innovation throughout the African continent.