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Obokese University of Excellence

A University built on the future of Pan-Africanism
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Celebrating Ghana's Chief Properly
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We took part in the first Ghana Chieftancy Awards

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About Us

Obokese University of Excellence is a 2019 Year of Return Legacy Project inspired by President of Ghana H.E Nana Akuffo Addo’s vision. OUE is the university the continent of Africa needs where African culture is not separate from education, it is as much a part of education as the contemporary subjects are.

We will deliver a world-class curriculum and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, builders, and servant leaders.

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OUE's Teaching Methods

Obokese University of Excellence will begin educating through digital offerings, but will soon be built on 100 acres of land donated by King Okatakyi Prof. Amanfi VII, Omahen of the Asebu Kingdom.

Obokese University was established in 2020 for the public benefit and has been endorsed by both the President of Ghana and the African Union. Following our mission statement of african-centeredness, Obokese University of Excellence offers access to a wide range of academic opportunities. While progressing as a stakeholder in higher education, Obokese University of Excellence fully embraces sankofa teachings.

The Importance of an African-Centered Education

Dr. Chike Akua, Ph.D., one of our leading scholars, offers a definition for an African-Centered Education. Based upon a quarter century of educational experience, research, analysis, and evaluation he defines it as:

“Centering ourselves and our students in the best of African Culture to examine and analyze information, meet needs, and solve problems in African communities.”


Obokese University of Excellence is that university that centers itself around the best of African culture to educate African communities. We support many of Dr. Akua’s ideas and our African centered education will place Africa, African people, and African points of view at the center of all things.

Obokese University of Excellence’s African Centered Educational Principles

Our African Centered Education will have an African value system that is rooted in African culture and requires a thorough understanding of the Pan-African perspective.

As students matriculate into this university, we will prepare them for local and global leadership where African people are recognized globally as controllers of their own education, socialization, economics, history, identity, and destiny. In addition, we incorporate social-emotional learning modalities designed for students to build and model healthy relations to resolve conflicts, strategies, and work to resolve multi-generational, intergenerational unaddressed trauma.

The most fundamental question that is asked at Obokese University of Excellence: “Is it good for African people?


Why Choose OUE?

Obokese University of Excellence is the university catered to the needs of African students. OUE brings forth a Pan-African group of educational leaders from continental Africa, the U.S., and the Caribbeans. We will create the next group of African entrepreneurs, builders, and servant leaders.


The Obokese University focuses on African-centeredness. We teach Sankofa, the traditional character traits of ‘aso-dzi’, as well an African consciousness to further the national spirit embodied in the concept of Ubuntu. Combine these African principals with a world-class education, Obokese University of Excellence is the right university for African students.



African spiritual traditions are education and Obokese University of Excellence ensures it is a part of our curriculum. We offer a holistic form of education and one that embodies what Ghanaian President John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor once stated, “Education, particularly higher education, will take Africa into the mainstream of globalization.”

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Obokese Foundation supports Obokese University of Excellence and Obokese University of Excellence's community programs.

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