Obokese Foundation

Obokese Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that received its Certificates of Incorporation and to Commence Business on or about 16 January 2020. As Chief Executive Officer of the Obokese Foundation I would like to provide a brief overview of the Foundation, its historical/cultural foundations, mythology, as well as its overall goals and objectives.

The Obokese Foundation is head quartered in the Asebu Traditional Area, adjacent to the Cape-Coast Municipality, under the leadership of Okatakyi Dr. Amanfi VII, Paramount Chief of Asebu Traditional Area. In Akan folklore Asebu Ancestors, lead by Asebu Amanfi, departed Kemet (Egypt) during the late dynastic period, first settling in Chad before proceeding through Segou—present day Mali—and ultimately establishing the Asebu Traditional Area in Ghana…West Africa. Asebu’s dynastic-Ancestral connections are inherent in its Kemetic-based names, cultural songs, rituals, spiritual practices and symbolism.

The most significant of Asebu’s symbols is the ‘sacred stone’ (obokese, depicited in the logo) upon which King Amanfi sat when addressing the Asebu people (Asebuman). Moreover, the ‘obokese’ serves as one of Asebus’ most significant spiritual mediums, modalities and shrine implements. My official title—Nana Obokese Ampah, Apagyahen—reflects the integration of Asebu’s spiritual, cultural and historical traditions dating back to ancient Kemet. My Chieftaincy Oath bonds me to my obligations, duties and responsibilities (aso dzi) to preserve, maintain and strengthen Asebu’s ancient foundations and continually explore ever expanding opportunities, collaborations and vehicles to manifest our Traditional African greatness.

The foundation’s logo, in addition to the ‘Aso Dzi’ mandate, speaks to several essential Pan-African concepts, including:
a) The circle is a universal symbol of oneness, life, unity of purpose, collaborative effort and community—‘Ubuntu’ ( I am because we are, and, because we are, therefore I am.)

b) The hands represent the imperative that Asebu’s leaders and citizens, together, must hold, uphold and build upon Asebu’s Ancestral legacy for the improvement, enlightenment and continuing advancement of its people today, but, more importantly, for those yet unborn.

c) The symbolism of the sun’s life sustaining rays as a mirror image of Obokese’s enlightenment through its programs, services and human development activities, reflects the same reciprocity and reverence our Kemetic Ancestors displayed in the construction of the Gisa Plateau vis-a-vis the celestial alignment in Orion’s Belt.

d) In the African ethos ‘man and nature are one.’ Moreover, common discourse maintains, among others, that ‘there’s nothing new under the sun.’ The obokese, as with the human skeletal structure, symbolizes the earth’s skeletal system, its historical memory, and, like human bone marrow, serves as the Ancestral DNA, the archive of achievements, aspirations as well as its enduring and ever evolving potentialities. These same sentiments were reiterated in the very popular Earth, Wind and Fire hit, Written in the Stone!

I am humbled and honored that you would take the time to visit and explore the Obokese Foundation site. I hope that your time has been rewarded by something that helps further your quest for information, knowledge and wisdom on your path towards self-actualization.

If anything has peeked your interest and you would like additional information or you wish to become involved, please do not hesitate to contact the foundation at info@obokese.org. A foundation representative will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.