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Nana Kwamina Kra II (PhD), Nana Obokese Ampah

At Obokese University of Excellence, African Culture is a part of the curriculum. As such this certificate studies the best practices of traditional leadership and governance models of African Chieftaincy as well as traditional forms of democracy. We will ensure each model is studied to maximize development in Africa.

Being a university founded by Chiefs, Chiefs throughout Africa are welcomed at Obokese University of Excellence. The university recently launched Ghana’s first Chieftaincy Development Seminar and this certificate follows up on the development role of Chiefs.

The symbiotic and dual relationship of the Chieftaincy and Elders combined with traditional democracy is a unique governance model that this certificate will explore.

This certificate will be taught for free in OUE’s online digital platform as the university. In the near future, the certificate will expand offerings to include two and four year degree offerings.

Practice without thought is blind. Thought without practice is empty.

Kwame Nkrumah

Course Structure and Modules

This certificate is available by distance learning, allowing you to study flexibly while balancing work and personal life.

Career Opportunities

The certificate is for African Chiefs and individuals who want to adequately prepare for a career in leadership, politics, and governance.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to pass the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in order to receive certification in this course. In addition, WASSCE passage will be required to partake in our future two and four year degree offerings.

*Exemptions may be made for Chiefs

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The Traditional Leadership and Governance for Development Certificate is the beginning of a new academic offering that will shape the African continent.