Launch of the All African Educational Summit

The All African Diaspora Education Summit 2022 will look to honor the platform of the government of Ghana policy initiative of “Beyond the Return,” that calls for the global African family to return to Africa to participate in the rebuilding process and share in the glory.

The Obokese Foundation and partners strongly believe that it is very important for us as a people to capture this moment to redefine our value system and bring back the African way of life that is embedded in excellence as exhibited to the world some 700 years ago by King Mansa Musa.

Registration for the Africa African Diaspora Education Summit is finally open.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear from forward-thinking keynote speakers, networking with influential attendees, and much more. 

Experience Ghana and all it has to offer. Register today and join us for a unique and inspiring experience.  COME AND EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY OF GHANA!

More information can be found at: